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Review date: August 2, 2018
Purchase date: October 2018


9 sterren
User review
Why did you buy this product from this shop? (several options can be checked) Inexpensive / lowest price
What method of payment did you use? Money transfer in advance
How would you rate the website of this shop? Very good
What did you think of the information provided by the shop about the product, in terms of quality and quantity? Very good
Was your order eventually delivered or picked up? No, I cancelled my order due to excessive delivery time?
Did you contact the shop by email prior to your purchase? No
Did you contact the shop by phone, prior to your purchase? Yes
How quickly was the phone answered on average? Within a minute
Was your question answered to your satisfaction? Yes
Did you receive an order confirmation? Yes, by text message
Please rate your order from this shop Poor

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