Toshiba XG6 review: The first SSD with 96-layer 3D-NAND!

Is Toshiba now competitive with Samsung and WD?


Hardware.Info 2018 SSD Performance Score

In order to show the actual performance level of SSDs in a single number, we have created the Hardware.Info 2018 SSD Performance Score. This is the geometric mean of all of the results of the real-world benchmarks. The Standard Performance Score consists of all workloads including the results of the steady state test. The Entry Performance Score only includes the simpler workloads and does not include the steady state values. This score is a better benchmark when you are looking for an SSD for less demanding tasks.

The Toshiba XG6 scores 1TB 588 points, just below Samsung 970 Evo and WD Black 2018. However, if we look at the Entry Performance Score, it leaves both competitors well behind. Only the 970 Pro and Intel Optane's are even faster - the 970 Pro use MLC memory, the Optane's even use the new 3D XPoint. We can conclude from this that it is mainly the performance in the heavy consistency test, which is more closely linked to enterprise use, that reduces the regular Performance Score a little.

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Toshiba XG6 1TB

SSD, 1024 GB, PCI-Express 3.0 x4, Toshiba TC58NCP090GSD, 3180 MB/s, 2960 MB/s, M.2 2280

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