Toshiba XG6 review: The first SSD with 96-layer 3D-NAND!

Is Toshiba now competitive with Samsung and WD?


Toshiba XG6

Toshiba's internal business structure is somewhat difficult to understand for an outsider. The XG6 is an SSD of Toshiba's OEM division, however it is a so-called client SSD, which means it is intended for normal systems and not for use in, for example, data centers. The OCZ RD400 is derived from a predecessor of the XG6, so it is expected that a consumer version of the XG6 will also be released in due course.

Toshiba also combines its own latest NAND with an in-house made controller, the Toshiba TC58NCP090GSD. This controller was already found in the XG5 and has remained unchanged except for a new firmware. However, the flash memory is said to be inherently much faster, with shorter response times for both reading and writing. It is controlled unchanged with three bits per cell (TLC), although an improved SLC cache is present. We cannot see exactly what has been improved from the not too extensive documentation we have seen so far, but a simple increase in the area that can be used as cache seems like a good guess to us.

Toshiba XG6 1TB Toshiba XG6 1TB

The M.2 SSD obviously uses a PCI-Express 3.0 x4 interface and supports NVMe 1.3a, which allows you to manually adjust the amount of overprovisioning, among other things. Toshiba promises sequential read and write speeds of 3180 and 2960 MB/s respectively, while 355,000 and 365,000 IOps with 4kB files should be possible. Both an encrypted and an unencrypted model will be available; the version that was sent to us is the one without encryption.

Models with a capacity of 256, 512 and 1024 GB will become available, but nothing is known yet about availability and pricing. We do know, however, that they will receive a five-year guarantee. The Toshiba website states that the XG6 product page will not be online until October, so that is at least an indication. We understand from WD that it will introduce 96-layer flash memory products at the earliest by the end of this year.

Product nameXG6 1TB
Product code
DetailsProduct info
Disc typeSSD
Quoted capacity1024 GB
Cache512 MB
Cache geheugentypeDDR3
InterfacePCI-Express 3.0 x4
SSD controllerToshiba TC58NCP090GSD
Measured capacity953.86 GB
Native Command Queuing
TRIM support
4K native mode
Flash memory typeTriple-level cell (TLC)
Flash chip brandToshiba
Warranty5 year(s)
NAS hard disk
Read (sequentially)3180 MB/s
Write (sequentially)2960 MB/s
Read (4k random)355000 IOps
Write (4k random)365000 IOps
Physical properties
Form factorM.2 2280
Height3.5 mm
Encryption / security
Self encrypting drive (SED)
TCG Opal 2.0 compatible
Microsoft eDrive compatible
Protection against power loss

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Toshiba XG6 1TB

SSD, 1024 GB, PCI-Express 3.0 x4, Toshiba TC58NCP090GSD, 3180 MB/s, 2960 MB/s, M.2 2280

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