These are the best Mini-ITX motherboards

15 ITX motherboards compared


What should you pay attention to?

An ITX motherboard is of course placed in an ITX case. These come in all shapes and sizes, but especially with compact ones it's important to take a good look at a number of things. First of all, the height of your processor cooler: manufacturers of ITX enclosures often specify how tall it can be. Pay attention to this, because you can put a dike of a processor on your ITX board, if the cooling is not sufficient, you have nothing to gain from all that computing power: thermal throttling will then considerably reduce performance. If you choose a powerful CPU, then water cooling is the obvious choice - more and more ITX housings have enough space for that, but not all of them. Be careful.

Also with regards to cooling, you have to take into account that small enclosures become hot faster and that that heat can be dissipated less easily. So keep in mind that there are enough fans, which are accompanied by more noise. All this to maintain the life span and performance of your expensive components.

An ITX enclosure can potentially present challenges when installing a graphics card. So look again at the specifications. If your chosen case does not have enough space for a standard model, you can look at a special ITX video card: these are available, even in powerful versions. Something to take a moment to think about is the orientation of the PEG power connectors: sometimes it is more convenient to have them face backwards, sometimes it is more convenient if they face to the side.

While we are on the subject of the power supply: many ITX enclosures offer space for a standard ATX power supply, but there is a growing range of SFX copies, even in higher wattages. These take up less space and therefore make a smaller housing and/or more airflow possible. As always, you should not underestimate the importance of a good power supply. This is doubly true if you want to overclock. For a stable operation you invest in a solid power supply, whether it is an ATX or SFX example.

Which motherboard should you have? To answer that question, we present our favourite per chipset. We do this based on our test results - most boards are discussed individually or in smaller round-ups, on our website and via the WebID 1497 you can find all specifications, test results and previous reviews.
It is striking how well ASRock is represented, this brand has a very wide range of ITX motherboards. In our overview we find no less than six of them, with which the brand also has an itx motherboard in its assortment for just about every chipset and every possible socket in any case.

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