These are the best Mini-ITX motherboards

15 ITX motherboards compared



For the niche called ITX, more and more motherboards are now available - both for Intel and AMD. A motherboard manufacturer who clearly sees the potential is ASRock, but other manufacturers also have an increasingly extensive range. The market wants to follow only sparsely, but hopefully this article gives you an idea of how much is now possible on this format.

Although there is less choice than ATX and prices are a bit higher due to a smaller range and more complex circuit boards, you don't have to sacrifice functionality, while you can build a much more compact PC with this format as a basis. Moreover, we actually come across something for everyone. For about a hundred dollars you already have a desirable square PCB, with which you can finally take that old, bulky and old-fashioned large housing out of the door. Mini-ITX is modern, hip and hot - although the latter doesn't necessarily have to be the case as long as you provide good cooling.

ASRock X299E-ITX/ac

Whether you regularly go to LAN parties, like to have a compact cannon next to your TV in the living room or just get a kick out of the form factor: IYX is more versatile than ever. And you can make it as crazy as you like. The superlative - Ryzen Threadripper on IYX - is unfortunately not yet seen, but beyond that note, you can shop without restrictions. Less is more, even when it comes to motherboards.

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