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X299: The only ITX motherboard

ASRock has a monopoly on X299 on ITX, and that makes choosing easy. This is theĀ ASRock X299E-ITX/ac, which with a price of 450 dollars is anything but cheap. Although the price is quite high, so is the quality of the design.

Placing a Skylake-X processor on an ITX board and making it function properly is a challenge at all - the socket alone already takes up a substantial part of the PCB. ASRock has succeeded, thanks to innovative and creative solutions. The power supply for such a robust processor normally takes up quite a bit of space. To limit this somewhat, ASRock has chosen to place part of the power supply on so-called daughter boards, which are at right angles to the PCB itself. On these boards we come across the rest of the power supply, as well as the six satellite connections, the USB 3.0 header and an M.2 lock.

To save even more space for the large LGA2066 socket, we use SODIMM, the smaller memory slots you normally find in laptops. By following that route, ASRock is able to support quad-channel memory with its four small memory slots.

The already special feature set is easily completed by a total of three M.2 locks, two gigabit Ethernet ports, fast wifi up to 867 Mbit per second and USB 3.1. This is sincerely a list of specifications you say you like and what we even on a normal ATX motherboard would call ample.

With the X299E-ITX/ac ASRock delivers a special performance on itx. With that in mind, price tag is not so astronomical anymore. If you want the most computing power at 17 by 17 centimetres, then this beastly motherboard is the perfect choice - and you get a unique compact powerhouse.

ASRock X299E-ITX/ac

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