AMD X470 motherboards round-up: 14 boards for your Ryzen 2

The best motherboards for the AMD X470 chipset


Power consumption

We measured the current consumption in two modes: idle (where we determine an average of 5 minutes) and under load, the maximum consumption during Cinebench 15.

In idle, the consumption of the motherboards does not differ very much, although it is usually the more luxurious boards that consume a little more. This is also logical, because extra controllers for more functionality also consume power. Under load we see the same picture, even though the relatively simple MSI X470 Gaming Plus and the Asus RoG Strix X470-F Gaming are the only ones to go over 200 watts. In the case of the latter, we already suspected that, given that the benchmark scores insinuated a slight standard overclock.

  • Idle (avg. 5 min.)
  • Cinebench (max)

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