Flash storage for everyone: 67 SSDs round-up

67 SATA en NVMe SSDs on our new test bench



The supply of SSDs remains high and prices are falling again: it is high time for a new comparison test. You can read it here, based on a completely new test setup, with which we can test SSDs even better than before. We scored 67 models in this test, including the new Samsung 860 Evo and Crucial MX500.

The SSD prices are finally going down again!

Graphics cards, RAM - as a hardware lover, you are probably tired of the rising costs. SSDs also rose sharply in price last year, but have now found their way down again, which is good news for those who want to upgrade their system with larger and faster storage.

At the time when prices were rising, the SSD market was relatively quiet. Manufacturers used existing products, here and there they introduced new variants with 3D-nand. This stacked flash memory reduced the cost and thus helped to lower prices somewhat. Meanwhile the scarcity is decreasing and a little while ago two big players launched new models: Crucial launched the MX500 and Samsung launched its 860 Evo and Pro.

The best SATA & NVMe SSDs

Now that the price per gigabyte is falling again, it becomes interesting to upgrade your storage with faster drives. Whether you want to upgrade, switch to flash storage or invest in a super-fast NVMe-SSD, some guidance is desirable. That's why we not only tested all new models according to our new test method, but also some older drives. This way you can immediately see if there is any point in upgrading - although of course more capacity is always a valid reason.


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