Flash storage for everyone: 67 SSDs round-up

67 SATA en NVMe SSDs on our new test bench


Atto Disk Benchmark

Atto Disk Benchmark works very similarly at the base, but due to its specific way of steering, this test often shows the highest scores. Almost all SSD manufacturers use precisely this test to specify the maximum speeds.

In the sequential tests, almost all of the SATA-based SSDs reach speeds between 500 and 550MB/s, actually reaching the limit of the SATA interface. This is not a problem for PCI interface SSDs and the fastest models therefore move in the direction of 2-3 GB/s. These sequential throughput speeds aren't the strongest points of the Intel Optane models, which certainly doesn't perform very well in the read test, and the Kingston DCP1000 takes the lead convincingly. This high speed SSD is actually intended for servers and consists of four m.2 SSDs in a software raid configuration, making it extremely fast, especially in this kind of tests.

  • 1 MB QD4 reads
  • 4k QD4 reads
  • 1 MB QD4 writes
  • 4k QD4 writes


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