Intel Optane 800p & 900p review: 3D XPoint for the regular consumer!

Extreme performance at an extreme price


Atto Disk Benchmark

In addition to AS SSD, we also run Atto Disk Benchmark. This test was originally intended for hard disk drives and in fact says little to nothing about the practical performance of SSDs. However, because of the specific way this benchmark works, Atto can show the best case sequential read- and write speeds. This is why a lot of manufacturers base their own stated maximum speeds on this test.

As we already saw in AS SSD, the sequential speeds are not the distinguishing factor of the Optane-SSDs. 

  • 1 MB QD4 reads
  • 4k QD4 reads
  • 1 MB QD4 writes
  • 4k QD4 writes

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