Intel Optane 800p & 900p review: 3D XPoint for the regular consumer!

Extreme performance at an extreme price


Power consumption

The power consumption of our SSDs is measured using a BTO W540EU laptop based on an Intel Core i3 3120M CPU and the Intel H77M chipset. We measure the power consumption of SSDs both when idle and during a 4k random write and 1 MB sequential write workload. We explicitly perform this test using a notebook, because many SSDs implement optimizations for a low power consumption in this scenario.

Unfortunately we cannot test M.2 SSDs the same way. We test these on our desktop test system, where we can use a riser card to measure the power consumption. Here too we do that with both a 4k random write and a 1MB sequential write workload - unfortunately our riser card is not accurate enough for a good idle test.

The power consumption is usually the Achilles heel of the Optane-SSDs, but for the 800p it is not. In the write test it is even the most efficient SSD of the graph, although we have to mention that it was also one of the slowest models in that area. At full load, both 900p models consume between 11 and 12.5 watts, which is much more than for example the Samsung 970 Pro. At the same time, they are still a little more efficient than the Optane DC P4800X.

  • 4k random write
  • 1MB sequential write

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