Intel Optane 800p & 900p review: 3D XPoint for the regular consumer!

Extreme performance at an extreme price


Hardware.Info 2018 SSD Performance Score

In order to show the actual performance level of SSDs in a single number, we have created the Hardware.Info 2018 SSD Performance Score. This is the geometric mean of all of the results of the real-world benchmarks. The Standard Performance Score consists of all workloads including the results of the steady state test. The Entry Performance Score only includes the simpler workloads and does not include the steady state values. This score is a better benchmark when you are looking for an SSD for less demanding tasks.

Until now the Optane DC P4800X data centre SSD has been quite lonely at the top of the Performance Score graph. However, all three variants of the Optane 900p are even higher now. The Optane 900p 480GB exceeds 1300 points, while the fastest nvme-SSD with regular memory reaches about 750 points. It should be clear that the SSDs with 3D XPoint completely outperform everything else and raise the bar in the market for high-end SSDs.

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