LG 27UD59 review: successor of inexpensive 4K monitor tested

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Colour quality

We always assess the colour quality of monitors on a number of different aspects. First of all, we look at the coverage of the srgb colour space, which ends upat 96.6% for the LG 27UD59. This means it slightly outperforms its predecessor. 

De kleurweergave van monitoren beoordelen we altijd op een aantal verschillende aspecten. Om te beginnen kijken we naar de dekking van de srgb-kleurruimte, die bij de LG 27UD59 uitkomt op 96,6%. Dat is toch net weer iets hoger dan de voorloper.

LG 27UD59-B

The second thing we look at is the colour temperature of white at the default setting. This is clearly lower when compared with the LG 27UD58. However, the value of 6131 K is still acceptable. 

Het tweede waar we naar kijken is de kleurtemperatuur van wit bij de standaardinstelling. Die is beduidend lager dan bij de LG 27UD58, eerder wat aan de warme kant. De waarde van 6131 K is echter nog acceptabel. 

Colour- and grey deviation

We measure the colour- and grayscale value deviation based on the CIE2000 norm, and also include the standard deviation. Simply put this gives an indication of the amount at which the sub-measurements that the average deviations are based on, deviate from the average measurement. Aside from that the averages are now based on a bigger number of sub-measurements. These can be found with the screenshots for every tested product. There you can also find the so-called saturation sweeps, that show to what extent the head- and support colours, meaning RGB and CMY, deviate from the desired values in a continuum. 

In this measurement we see a considerable improvement in comparison with the older model, with a colour deviation of only 1.9. LG now jumps from last for the 27UD58 to the top of the graph with the LG 27UD59. Good stuff!

  • Colour deviation
  • Colour checker-deviation
  • SD Colour checker

The grey error in this newer budget model is also below the critical limit of 3, and in this price range that is quite an achievement.

  • Grey deviation
  • SD Grey deviation

LG 27UD59-B LG 27UD59-B


The average gamma is also marginally better than that of the predecessor, which did not perform bad at all.  The sub-measurements also show fewer deviations.

  • Average gamma
  • Deviation of 2.2
  • SD gamma

LG 27UD59-B


two products discussed in this review

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LG 27UD59-B

27 inch, 3840x2160, 163 ppi, IPS, AMD FreeSync, 60 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 5 ms, 250 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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LG 27UD59-W

27 inch, 3840x2160, 163 ppi, IPS, AMD FreeSync, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 5 ms, 250 cd/m², 1000 : 1


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