Ultrawide gaming (3440x1440) benchmarks: what performance can you expect?

What does it take to play games on 21:9?



At Hardware.Info, we always test GPUs from AMD and Nvidia at the three most popular resolutions. For some years now they have been full HD, WQHD and ultra HD. However, the UWQHD resolution of 3440 by 1440 pixels, i.e. an extra-wide WQHD, is becoming increasingly popular among gamers. What performance can you expect on an ultra wide monitor?

Ultra wide resolution is becoming increasingly popular...

The fact that ultra wide monitors are becoming more and more popular is all too apparent in the Hardware.Info test lab. For Hardware.Info Magazine #2/2018 (dutch link) we tested no less than twenty different UWQHD monitors with a resolution of 3440 by 1440 pixels. In our recent QHD buyer's guide we already paid a lot of attention to it.

Why is this resolution so popular now? First of all, the aspect ratio is almost exactly the same as that of 21:9 cinema films. So, you can enjoy such entertainment almost edgeless. The advantage of the high resolution compared to the so-called WFHD monitors (2560x1080 pixels), which are often a lot cheaper, is that you can also be very productive on 3440x1440 monitors. Many users see it as a successor to a multi-monitor setup: you can easily use two or even three programs next to each other. That's ideal for working in large spreadsheets or multi-tasks, and for video editors it creates the space to put in the tools you need in addition to your 16:9 image.

...also among gamers!

Even among gamers, ultra wide monitors are very popular. In games with a crosshair in the middle, such as first-person shooters, it is extremely practical that there is no edge in the center of the image, as would be the case with a dual monitor setup. Furthermore, we often hear that the wider picture sucks you more into the game world, especially with the somewhat larger and curved models.

Basically, we can estimate the performance at a resolution of 3440 by 1440 pixels reasonably well using the total number of pixels to be calculated. As long as performance is limited by the video card, it scales relatively well with the increased resolution. If we compare the total number of pixels of UWQHD resolution with the resolutions we normally test, you would expect the performance to be between WQHD and ultra HD, with UWQHD approximately one-third of that spectrum.

Width (pixels) 1920 2560 3440 3840
Height (pixels) 1080 1440 1440 2160
Total number of pixels 2.073.600 3.686.400 4.953.600 8.294.400
Index 42 74 100 167

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