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Finding the best router

We will give a purchase recommendation for routers based on the currently available test data and, as mentioned above, we will base our choices primarily on the performance and purchase price. To this end, we have not only made a distinction between routers and multi-room WiFi systems. We have also divided the category of routers into those up to 175 dollars, those between 175 and 290 dollars and those costing more than 290 dollars. We have used the average prices from our own Price Comparison. Of course it is also wise to always have a look at a current price list when you are buying a new router. 

In terms of performance, we use the average results per tyre and type of test. These are seven components: the average scores for the transit tests at 2,4 GHz, 5 GHz and 5 GHz (3x3) and the average values for practical tests 1 and 2 in both bands. The results can be found in the form of graphs on the next page of this buyer's guide. These graphs contain all the routers and multi-room WiFi systems we discuss in this guide.. For those who prefer a more compact overview per price category and/or prefer to view all partial results, the relevant links to the comparison tables can be found below. 

Compare all tested and still available routers that cost up to 175 dollars

Compare all tested and still available routers between 175 and 290 dollars

Compare all tested and still available routers that cost c:gb}220 pounds{/c:gb}290 dollars or more 


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