Cleaning spree: make your graphics card faster, colder and quieter!

Why and how should you clean your graphics card?


Nieuwe koelpasta

Now that we have safely dusted the GPU, we can further dismantle the cooling block to replace the cooling paste. On the back of the graphics card we loosen the four screws crosswise, with two revolutions per screw to distribute the pressure.

Now that the screws have been completely removed from the cooling block, we remove the cooling block. That's a bit difficult because the old cooling paste keeps things together like a kind of glue. However, with a little careful twisting it came off and we took the entire cooling block off. The attentive reader sees that we have also disconnected the cooling block from the power supply. We have done this to replace the thermal pads, which in most cases will not be necessary.

We remove the old and dried cooling paste with isopropyl alcohol. Because modern GPUs do not have an integrated heat spreader, we are extra careful when cleaning the chip.

When everything is clean, smooth and grease-free again, we apply the fresh cooling paste. We try to stick to the middle of the chip as best we can, because then it is more evenly distributed when we reassemble the cooler. We tighten the screws of the cooling block crosswise again.

Now that the graphics card has been fitted with new cooling paste and the cooling block has been reassembled, all we have to do is put the plastic cover back in place before we can use it again.

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