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Buyer's guide for those who want to get a (W)QHD



There is a type of monitor that does not cost much more than a standard model but does offer much more work space. Experts know about it, but because they don't have a very recognisable name, they are often missed by those looking for a new, affordable display. And these QHD, or WQHD monitors, are more affordable than ever! For this article, we compared all models tested by Hardware.Info to tell you which one the best is - in the format you're looking for, or for the purpose you're looking for.

Full HD picture on a QHD monitor.

A good place to start

We publish extensive monitor reviews and comparison tests on a regular basis, but if you just want to know which screen is best for you, you'll get more out of a compact overview. That is what we are trying to offer you with this article. This is the second monitor purchase guide we publish. Previously you could read the best 4K monitors based on our test results. This time also, we are curious about your ideas, wishes, comments. Leave your feedback in the comments, please.

It goes without saying that we cannot test all monitors on the market, so we do not claim to have the absolute truth with this article. As always, we recommend that everyone who is faced with a major expense orientates themselves well and consults several sources. That said, there are few publications in the Netherlands that subject as many displays as Hardware.Info to a thorough test, so you are in a good place to start your search for a new QHD monitor.

No graphs

Unlike otherwise, this article does not contain graphs with test results. At each segment you will find a link to a comparison table, on the basis of which you can make graphs to your heart's content of the test results and properties that are important to you. The reason we don't show the graphs here is that it would make the article too long and we don't want to deter potential readers. If disagree with this consideration, let your opinion be heard in the comments. And don't worry - we also continue to publish our famous comparative tests, complete with (many) graphs.

All of the tested (W)QHD monitors in this article in one table
All of the tested (W)QHD monitors (first 50 results + 6 more)
All of the tested Ultrawide QHD monitors in this article in one table

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