Budget King: Intel Pentium Gold G5400 review

Unbeatable price-performance ratio, now with a plus



Last week, Intel completed the Coffee Lake range of processors with no less than 14 new models. One of the most interesting variants is the Pentium Gold G5400, which has four threads and is still very affordable. We have tested it and will tell you in this review if we can indeed declare it the new top budget processor.

Intel Pentium Gold G5400 Boxed
The Intel Pentium Gold G5400.

Although a few new Core i3's and i5's also came on the market, Intel expanded its latest series mainly in the budget segment. For example, complete new Pentium and Celeron series were released in stores, making it possible to acquire a Coffee Lake processor for well under 61 dollars. What's new is the suffix 'Gold', but that has little further meaning.

Of the more affordable CPUs, the Pentium G5400 that we are testing today is perhaps the most interesting. Anyone who has studied budget PCs over the past year will undoubtedly remember the previous generation's Pentium G4560. Intel then used HyperThreading in the Pentiums for the first time. It does that again, but in a number of ways the Pentium G5400 has just a bit more oomph than its predecessor. For example, the clock speed is 200 MHz higher by default - quite important because these processors do not have a turbo or unlocked multiplier. In addition, the L3 cache is now 4 MB instead of 3 MB in size.

    Cores/threads Clock speed L3-cache Memory TDP Price
Core i3 8350K 4/4 4,0 GHz 8 MB DDR4-2400 95 W € 180
8300 4/4 3,7 GHz 8 MB DDR4-2400 65 W € 145
8100 4/4 3,6 GHz 6 MB DDR4-2400 65 W € 117
Pentium G5600 2/4 3,9 GHz 4 MB DDR4-2400 51 W € 98
G5500 2/4 3,8 GHz 4 MB DDR4-2400 51 W € 88
G5400 2/4 3,7 GHz 4 MB DDR4-2400 51 W € 70
Celeron G4920 2/2 3,2 GHz 4 MB DDR4-2400 51 W € 57
G4900 2/2 3,1 GHz 4 MB DDR4-2400 51 W € 46

At the time of writing, the Pentium Gold G5400 is available for an average of 85 dollars, while the older G4560 has now fallen in price to an average of 72 dollars. In the official price list, however, they both have a recommended price of $64 and our expectation is that it will not be long before the current price difference has disappeared.


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