Dell XPS 13 (9370) review: luxurious workhorse

Success story with subtle refinements



Since Dell renewed its XPS 13 series in 2015 with an inventive design, these laptops have been among the most desirable on the market. The formula: a unique design with extra narrow screen edges, a thin and light casing, fast hardware and a good battery life. With this combination, the XPS 13 still enjoys great popularity, but competition is increasing. That's why Dell showed a 'completely renewed' XPS 13 at the CES last January. If you see thisĀ XPS 13 (9370) next to the old model, then at first glance hardly anything seems to have changed. Is the new version convincing?

Extra narrow bezels may be a design trend on smartphones nowadays, but in 2015 the Dell XPS 13 was already showing them off. In this way, the dimensions of the thin casing were smaller than those of other 13 inch laptops. Excellent performance and long battery life made the laptop a complete portable workhorse. This made the XPS 13 a formidable competitor in the luxury lightweight laptops market, which also includes Apple's Macbook.

Although upgrades were available year after year for the XPS 13, it was always a question of new hardware in the same exterior. At the CES, Dell showed a larger update to the general public for the first time. For the XPS 13 with type number 9370, the exterior has finally been given a facelift. In their presentation, Dell mainly mentioned the new colour variant: rose gold with a snow-white interior made of woven fibreglass. According to the manufacturer, this special material prevents that version from being soiled by stains, despite its colour.

More computing power with a subtly upgraded exterior

In our review we look at this laptop with the traditional gray / black color scheme. With these colours, the XPS 13 (9370) looks almost identical to the older version. All the familiar style features of the notebook remain: the tapered casing, the screen with ultra-thin bezels and the combination of black carbon fiber inside sandwiched between two aluminum sheets on the outside.

The refinements are subtle. When you get started with the new notebook, you gradually notice that a lot has changed. The system looks a little slimmer, a number of disadvantages of the old model have been addressed and the range of connections has been renewed with a view to the future. The configuration has also had a major update, thanks to the appearance of Intel's new Kaby Lake R processors. Anyone who switches from an older model will benefit from a large increase in processing power.

Left the old XPS 13 (9360), right the new XPS 13 (9370).

The starting price of the XPS 13 (9370) has increased by compared to the old version: for at least 1603 dollars the laptop can be ordered in Dell's web shop. Given the specifications, this is not cheap. The price comparison shows equally powerful laptops for hundreds of dollars less. However, Dell often offers discounts, so you could be a lot cheaper off.

N.B.: The laptop discussed in this article is the linked model with 'CNX' in the product code. The (also linked) 'BNX' model is identical in terms of hardware, but has Windows 10 Pro instead of Home as its operating system.

In short

With the XPS 13 (9370), Dell subtly refines its success number. The sturdy casing is even thinner, the screen much brighter and biometric recognition is available as a standard option. The new Kaby Lake R-CPU also offers excellent performance. All this, however, is at the expense of a somewhat shorter battery life and the disappearance of traditional connections.

  • Basic model has relatively little, non-expandable RAM memory
  • Short battery life compared to earlier model
  • No USB type A ports or full size card reader
  • Sturdy and light casing
  • Nice keyboard and touchpad
  • Biometric recognition is standard
  • Beautiful display
  • Excellent performance


two products discussed in this review

  Product Lowest price

Dell XPS 13 9370 (BNX37001)

Laptop, Qwerty US, Intel Core i5 8250U, 8 GB, 13.3 inch, 1920x1080, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 256 GB, Windows Pro


Dell XPS 13 9370 (CNX37001)

Laptop, Qwerty US, Intel Core i5 8250U, 8 GB, 13.3 inch, 1920x1080, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 256 GB, Windows

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