Samsung C34H890 review: ultra wide 100 Hz alternative?

Capable ultra wide monitor does exactly what it promises.



Since last year, Samsung has two monitors of 34” format in its range format, both with 3440x1440 pixels resolution and a refresh rate of 100 Hz. We discussed the C34F791 earlier, but not the C34H890. On paper, this is a business model, but since it shares many of the characteristics of the counterpart for consumers and is a bit cheaper, it also sounds like a very interesting option for the gamer looking for a super wide screen which will not cost too much. Whether they are well catered for with this ultra-wide screen, we will find out in this review.

Let's say first, that Samsung did not design the C34H890 with the gamer in mind: it is above all a business model and we can see this by more than the height adjustable foot (which the C34F791 also has, fortunately). For example, it is made of moody black, and features a USB-C input that also supports video and can charge a laptop. This makes it an almost complete docking solution (Ethernet is not available, but that can be done in the form of a separate adapter) and potentially an interesting alternative to the relatively expensive classic docks that the business notebook manufacturers supply.

Samsung C34H890

The 3440x1440 pixel screen is, of course, considerably more luxurious than the average employee has on his desk, but compared to two Full HD screens, the difference is smaller, while the productivity increase achieved with more work space was also demonstrated years ago in scientific research. With the C34H890 Samsung therefore has quite a strong story to tell the professional customer who is willing to invest a bit more in exchange for cost savings and/or sales increases in the longer term.

Whether the screen also meets the requirements of a modern workplace will be discussed here, but we can of course not resist the temptation to see if the 100 Hz VA panel is also suitable for gaming. You can get the C34H890 delivered to you for less than 750 dollars, also in Samsung's own webshop.

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Samsung C34H890

34 inch, 3440x1440, 110 ppi, VA, AMD FreeSync, 100 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 4 ms, 300 cd/m², 3000 : 1

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