Corsair K63 and K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard review: PC-gaming on your lap

Wireless gaming with mechanical switches



The K63 Wireless combines an interesting combination of features into a single product. The implementation could be further improved. For example, the battery life is quite short and the battery is not designed to be replaced. The average price of the K63 Wireless in our price comparatison is 159 dollars and that is not exactly cheap. The wired Corsair K65 Lux, which looks like a curtailed K70 with its floating island design and metal top plate, is on average only a few euros more expensive, and then it also has RGB lighting. Also, compared to other mechanical keyboards, the K63 Wireless is expensive for what it offers.

As a stand-alone accessory, the K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard costs 86 dollars on average. Corsair is selling a K63 Wireless set with the lapboard for 197 dollars in its own webshop, but that combination has not yet appeared in our price comparison. For a simple piece of plastic, as far as we are concerned, the price of the lapboard is a bit high; even if you buy the set, you will lose more than 246 dollars with the matching mouse included.

If you don't want to build a contraption yourself, the combination of the K63 Wireless and the Gaming Lapboard is a good plug-and-play solution for sitting down in front of your TV. Other lapboards are currently available that allow you to use your mechanical keyboard on the couch, but they are not wireless. That makes this composition innovative. The same applies for the K63 Wireless itself: we've never seen a keyboard with compact dimensions, wireless connectivity, mechanical MX Red switches and backlighting before. So we reward the model with an Innovation Award.

Corsair Gaming K63 Wireless

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