Corsair K63 and K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard review: PC-gaming on your lap

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Corsair Gaming K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard

A wireless keyboard is a great option if you want to avoid cable clutter on your desk, but the 20-metre range of the cable-free connection offers more possibilities. What if you don't want to sit in your office chair at all, but enjoy playing on the couch in front of the TV? Corsair offers the K63 Wireless Gaming Gaming Lapboard, an accessory for the K63 that allows you to put the keyboard on your lap.

Corsair already came up with an accessory to make PC games possible on your couch, the Lapdog. However, this was a much larger device, developed for use in combination with the wired K65 and K70 keyboards. The device also had to be wired, although it could be connected with one extra long cable, because the Lapdog had an integrated USB hub.

The K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard is designed for use with accessories that can already work wirelessly. Therefore, there are no electronics in the device; the whole is also a lot smaller than the previously released Lapdog. Nevertheless, this new combination of devices weighs a not inconsiderable 2.94 kg. Thanks to the thick layer of foam applied across the entire underside, the keyboard can still be used comfortably for a considerable period of time. This part of the review is written like this - it's more the warming up of your thighs than the weight of the lapboard that makes you want to shift the combination to the other side of your legs every now and then.

On the top side, the lapboard is assembled quite simply. The construction consists entirely of matte black plastic, whereas the Lapdog consisted of thick, aluminium sheets. The whole thing is sturdy enough to hold all parts together, but if you try to bend the board, the lapboard bends a little bit in the middle. On the left-hand side is the cut-out for the K63; the keyboard slides from top to bottom, where the slots at the bottom of the K63 click into the lapboard. On the top side of the lapboard there are two plastic brackets, which you can click into the slots on the keyboard. In this way both parts remain firmly together.

Under the keyboard cutout for the keyboard, the lapboard still has a 10 cm of space on it as a palm rest. Useful, because the lack of a palm rest at the Lapdog did not feel good. Corsair has also applied a rubber-like material on the lapboard with a pattern reminiscent of the separate palm rest that comes with many Corsair keyboards. The integrated mouse pad is located on the right side of the lapboard. The surface, made out of fabric, has the Corsair logo and is replaceable if necessary. In addition, underneath the mouse pad is another piece of plastic that serves as a palm rest.

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