NZXT H700i and H400i review: the smartest chassis ever?

New ATX and Micro-ATX chassis with smart fan controllers



NZXT recently launched its new H-series chassis, consisting of the H700i (atx), H400i (micro-atx) and H200i (mini-itx). The new cases all have more or less the same look and layout, and share NZXT's new smart device, a fan controller with built-in microphone that promises good cooling and a quiet PC. We tested all three and first report on the H700i and H400i.

Although the three chassis are similar, the small H200i really has a different purpose than the larger H400i and H700i. The latter two are so similar to each other that we will discuss them together in this review, the H200i we will review later. At the time of writing, the NZXT H700i costs an average of 179.99 dollars in our price comparison, while you have to pay 149.99 dollars for the smaller NZXT H400i.

NZXT H700i Black/Red NZXT H400i Black/Black
Left - NZXT H700i, right - NZXT H400i (click for zoom)

Our comparison range

The H700i and H400i differ considerably in size, so the test field with which we can compare them is also very diverse. Therefore, we decided to compare both with other casess from about 100 euros, with a capacity of 35 to 70 litres.



two products discussed in this review

  Product Lowest price

NZXT H400i Black/Black

Tower, Micro ATX, Black, Window, 3 fans

Specifications Test results Reviews Prices


Avg. $134.99
3 shops, 2x stock

NZXT H700i Black/Red

Tower, ATX, Black/Red, Window, 4 fans

Specifications Test results Reviews Prices


Avg. $172.00
2 shops, 1x stock

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