NZXT H700i and H400i review: the smartest chassis ever?

New ATX and Micro-ATX chassis with smart fan controllers


The exterior

When you see the new H-cases, you can see that they appear to derive from the S340 from 2015. Like this popular forerunner, the H-models have a closed front panel made of a metal plate. The H700i and H400i are available in different colour schemes, namely full black, black and red, black and blue and black and white. Our black and red H700i test model clearly shows the impact these accent colours have, while the all-black H400i we tested looks a lot more subdued.

NZXT H700i Black/Red

The cases have a black frame, but with our example of the H700 there is a red metal strip directly behind the front panel and under the top panel, with hundreds of perforations which is gently indented inwards to frame the glass side panel on the left-hand side of the chassis - a visually appealing construction. On the right-hand side of the chassis we find the same red perforated strips, combined with a normal steel side panel. That side panel clicks into the housing and can be detached with one push of a button on the back of the chassis. A small but pleasant detail!

NZXT H700i Black/Red

Through the glass side panel, we see a red-coloured steel strip next to where the motherboard would be placed, that rises and falls away with the contours of the inside of the case. What is remarkable about the accented parts is that the paint coverage is good and the red colour really shines. However, the paint layer is fragile, small scratches are inevitable.

Both the front and top panel of the H700i can be removed relatively easily to gain access to the included dust filters and to install fans or radiators. At the front of the top panel we find a power button, four USB ports of which two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 and a headset and microphone jacks. A reset button is missing, though.

NZXT H400i Black/Black

The H400i uses the same design elements as its larger brother but has to give up some space. For example, the perforated grille on the H400i is only present behind the front panel, and therefore does not frame the hardened glass side panel, which is slightly less attractive in our opinion. The top panel is also different. Because the perforations on the sides below the panel are missing, NZXT has provided the top panel with ventilation openings, covered by a magnetic dust filter. Another point where the H400i differs from the H700i is the way the steel side panel is mounted. Unlike the H700i, this is not done with a click system, but simply with two thumbscrews.

NZXT H400i Black/Black


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