Samsung 860 Evo & 860 Pro SSD review: the counterattack!

Samsung also refreshes complete SATA lineup of SSDs


Iometer: 4kB random read/write

With Iometer we tested the random reading speed with 4kB data blocks, with queue depth 1 to 32.

Last weekend the record of SATA SSDs at 4kB reads with QD1 was broken thanks to the Crucial MX500, but all three Samsung 860 Pro's are now going one step further once again. With a high queue-depth all SSDS achieve close to 100,000 IOPS, making them slower rather than faster than their predecessors.

At QD1 writes, all new Samsungs score approximately 30,000 IOPS. That's not the highest score we've ever seen, but still a bit faster than the Crucial MX500 and the Samsung 850 series. At QD32 we see again that the new models are just slightly slower.

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