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When thinking about HP, the first though is about serious business workstations or, inevitably, printers. But HP also makes gaming laptops and screens. No wonder they created a different brand for the gaming products, with the ominous (sorry) name Omen. Omen by HP is the official name, but we simply call it HP Omen. Earlier we wrote about a super deluxe gaming laptop under this brand, today it is the turn of their 27” WQHD gaming monitor, with a refresh rate of 144Hz. This means that the HP Omen 27 at the very least has the right specs on paper, but how does it perform in our test procedure?

Gaming is still the magic word in 2018, which every brand producing consumer computers and peripherals, has to include in their range to generate profit. After some time, the big players on the computer market decided to separate their regular consumer range from the gaming range by creating a gaming brand to define their products. Acer has Predator, Lenovo has Legion, of course Dell has Alienware next to the machines under its own name, Medion has Erazer. In this way, the providers of traditionally nondescript consumer electronics can appeal to the consumer who wants to look beyond what gaming consoles have to offer.

HP Omen 27

The question is whether it is better off than the brands that have been focusing on this market for much longer, such as MSI, Asus (Republic of Gamers) and Razer. One advantage that the large system builders have, is that they can offer a complete package: gaming desktop or laptop, monitor and even peripheral devices. MSI has recently entered the screen market, although their sample has still not reached our lab. Asus is, of course, a formidable competitor, both for PCs and monitors. In addition, all the classic monitor manufacturers have now also realised that they shouldn't ignore the gaming market, as proven not only by the Agon of AOC from a few years ago, but also by the new gaming models of Samsung and LG.

In short, HP has no lack of competition for its Omen gaming monitors. We have previously tested the HP Omen 35, and now it's the turn of the HP Omen 27. In any case, for a brand that needs to gain a foothold on the market, it is clear that HP does not focus on buying market share at the lowest price possible. On average, the Omen 27 costs just under 900 dollars in our Price Comparison and that is not cheap for a model with a TN panel. A number of shops offer the screen for 840 dollars and a few more clearly lower, but this is really the minimum price. This is more than 120 dollars more expensive than an AOC Agon AG271QX and also an Asus MG278Q can be found for about 600 dollars. Both models are very similar in terms of specifications, so HP must have a strong performance to back it up. In any case, there is one reason for the price difference - the Omen 27 has Nvidia's G-sync scaler on board, and this commodity always comes at a premium price.

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HP Omen 27

27 inch, 2560x1440, 109 ppi, TN, Nvidia G-Sync, 165 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 1 ms, 350 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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