HP Omen 27 review: gaming monitor according to HP

Beautiful design and excellent test results, with one flaw



Time to take stock: what do we think of the HP Omen 27 gaming monitor? On paper, it offers everything a game fan is looking for: a nice combination of resolution and refresh rate (2560x1440 at 144 or even 165 Hz), a fast TN panel and a G-sync scaler that connects to the most popular GPUs at the moment.

In terms of construction we have nothing to complain about, the Omen 27 stands sturdy and has a well thought out, subtle design. Some gamers would rather have something exotic with a lot of RGB, the others would prefer a strict look and a minimum of frills. The Omen 27 clearly falls into the last category, although HP goes a little too far with that austerity when it comes to operation.

The test results of the Omen 27 are mostly good, with the colour rendering in particular worth mentioning. Response times are smooth, even though we would have preferred a little less speed in favour of less overshoot - it's not a world of difference from the competition. If we look at the price of the Omen 27, it is on average a good 900 dollars or more but compared to other common 27-inch WQHD monitors with G-sync it is not that bad. The Dell S2716DG is somewhat cheaper but has a lot of overshoot. We have not tested the Acer XB271HU with TN panel, but the IPS technology version is similarly priced to this Omen. Although the Acer's viewing angles are, of course better, it is also a comparison in which HP can stand its ground with this model.

The main comment we have regarding the HP Omen 27 is the black value, which is really very high, which makes black look more like dark grey. The contrast is therefore not optimal and certainly in dark environments it is just disturbing. It is also a pity, because there is little wrong with the uniformity. If the average price of this screen had been 720 dollars, we would have overlooked it and noted it as something to take into account in an otherwise fine product, but the Omen 27 is too expensive to afford such a downside. Although we are especially positive about this gaming monitor, the awards remain out of reach for it.

That said, as far as we are concerned, HP shows that with Omen it has a concept with potential in house, which in our opinion can form a nice alternative and for gamers who want to see their monitors a little less exuberant than what brands like Acer, AOC and Asus currently offer. We are therefore curious to see what Omen will bring us in the future.

HP Omen 27

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HP Omen 27

27 inch, 2560x1440, 109 ppi, TN, Nvidia G-Sync, 165 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 1 ms, 350 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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