Intel Haswell (Core i5 4670K & i7 4790K) versus Ryzen & Coffee Lake: worth upgrading?

Is your Haswell build ready for an upgrade? 86 tests provide the answer!


Benchmarks: web browsing and Microsoft Office (Word and Excel 2016)

In Chrome version 58, we ran the Jetstream benchmark to determine how quickly the processor can perform Javascript calculations. We also run two tests with Microsoft Office 2016: in Word we convert a document of 1000 pages into a PDF file. In Excel we run calculations in a complex sheet that predicts the future value of a portfolio of stocks based on the Monte Carlo algorithm.

These mainly single-threaded tasks show that the IPC gain since Haswell is not very big. In Chrome, the i7 4790K still achieves 84% of the performance of an i7 8700K, while the i5 4670K nestles between the Ryzens. Excel is multi-threaded and the relative differences are therefore much greater.


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