Intel Haswell (Core i5 4670K & i7 4790K) versus Ryzen & Coffee Lake: worth upgrading?

Is your Haswell build ready for an upgrade? 86 tests provide the answer!


Benchmarks: data compression and encryption

We run five data compression and encryption benchmarks. First of all, we compress 2GB of data with both 7Zip and Winrar. In addition, we also run three parts of the AIDA64 benchmark. Zlib is a popular compression method used by many programs. AES is one of the most commonly used encryption algorithms and is for example the basis for the SSL encryption of HTTPS websites. With AIDA64 we also measure how quickly data can be hashed.

7-Zip and Winrar know how to work with a lot of threads and the i7 4790K is therefore almost as fast as the Ryzen 7 CPUs, although the i7 8700K remains 30 to 70 percent faster. In Aida, the old CPUs are doing less well, mainly because newer models (and certainly the AMD Ryzens) have built-in tricks to perform common algorithms faster.


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