Intel Haswell (Core i5 4670K & i7 4790K) versus Ryzen & Coffee Lake: worth upgrading?

Is your Haswell build ready for an upgrade? 86 tests provide the answer!


Power consumption

Finally, power consumption. We measure directly the current flowing through the CPU power cables during various scenarios. First of all, we show the average consumption during the Cinebench 15 benchmark. We also determine the average consumption during the Adobe Premiere Pro benchmark. The last graph shows the idle consumption.

If we compare equally positioned processors with each other, under load we see that both the Coffee Lake i7 and the i5 are slightly more economical than their predecessors from the Haswell generation, despite having 50% more cores now. During the Premiere Pro Benchmark, the i7 4790K was even the least power efficient processor in the graph. Furthermore, we also see that the idle power consumption has been significantly reduced in recent generations.


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