Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight review: take flight

First wireless headset in the Cloud line



Few headsets have been as captivating as the Kingston HyperX Cloud in recent years. This year, the brand introduces the wireless HyperX Cloud Flight, and Hardware.Info was already allowed to work with it. So we put it on our ears to listen and of course, we subjected this headset to our test procedure. Are we back on cloud nine? You can read that in this review.

In our review of the HyperX Cloud in 2014 , we talked about a real game changer. This headset combined wearing comfort with good audio playback for music and games, at a very modest price. Admittedly, 125 dollars isn't worth nothing, but this headset rivaled considerably more expensive devices. A year later came the Cloud II, basically a Cloud with an external sound card and USB adapter.  Another year later we were able to review the Cloud Revolver, which was completely different from previous models - a radically different design, a (again) substantially higher price and, unfortunately, build and audio quality that could not justify the higher price as far as we are concerned. Meanwhile, the brand also introduced the Cloud Stinger, a budget model that we have only tested but not yet reviewed.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

We mentioned the Stinger, because the Cloud Flight, which is the subject of today's review, seems to resemble the Stinger at first sight than the famous Cloud and Cloud II of yesteryear. On the next page we will go into this in more detail. With a price tag of 200 dollars, the wireless Cloud Flight is located in a completely different price segment. Expectations are therefore high.

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

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