Destiny 2 review: benchmarks on 25 graphics cards

Fighting aliens, with SLI/CrossFire, Ryzen and the 'magical' Nvidia driver



Destiny 2 is the kind of game that makes almost any gamer happy. It is fine to play on an older system at FullHD and lower settings, good to play of modern systems and you can turn the settings up to 11 if you have a high-end graphics card. Both Crossfire and SLI are supported superbly which makes 4K gaming at ultra settings possible, at more than 60 fps too. This will of course cost you an additional GPU.

We were already in the process of writing the AMD congratulatory article, when Nvidia released their updated drivers which resulted is major performance boost for their cards. This time around we are writing to crown the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti as the fastest card to run Destiny 2 on. The RX Vega 64 stayed close by, beating the GTX 1070 Ti.

What GPU do you need to play Destiny 2?
  Medium Ultra
Full HD RX 560 / GTX 760 RX 570 / GTX 780
WQHD RX 570 / GTX 780 R9 Fury X / GTX 980
Ultra HD RX Vega 56 / GTX 1070 - / GTX 1080 Ti

You do not need a very fast processor to run this game. Maximum performance is reachable with a quad-core, while hexa-core provides a little bit of added value, but more than that will not give you a smoother gameplay. AMD Ryzen is already enough to run the game, as light on processors as it is. The only performance drop we see is at 4K ultra and that is a shame because the fps goes below the desired 60 fps there.

Destiny 2 (PC)

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Destiny 2 (PC)



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