Call of Duty: WWII review: benchmarks with 30 graphics cards

Finally a revisit of the 1940-1945 world


Test results: Ultra HD (3840x2160) + frame times

It is only possible to reach 60 fps on Ultra HD with the GTX 1080 Ti which also scores a very fine frame time here. Unless you really prefer fps over the settings, you do not have to lower any to reach 60 fps. It is unexpected that the AMD Vegas perform worse at Ultra HD resolution than at lower resolutions while they usually excel at it. No AMD card comes close to 60 fps at 4K.

frame times


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Call of Duty: WWII (PC)

PC, Shooter


Call of Duty: WWII (PlayStation 4)

PlayStation 4, Shooter


Call of Duty: WWII (Xbox One)

Xbox One, Shooter


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