M.2-heatsinks review: which SSD-cooler performs best?

SSD-coolers of motherboard manufacturers and EK compared


Results: speed

Looking at the achieved speed during the performed tests we see that the speeds mainly go down when we do not use a heatsink. Even the least effective heatsinks result in a substantial increase in performance. As long as you have some cooling, there does not necessarily seem to be a link between the temperature and performance. For example, the Z370-I that ends up high here was one of the hotter heatsinks and the ASUS TUF remained very cool, which means that we presumably see the variations of the benchmark itself with every around or above 3000 MB/s.


two products discussed in this review

  Product Lowest price

EK Waterblocks EK-M.2 Black


EK Waterblocks EK-M.2 Nickel


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