6 ultra hd 40-inch+ monitors review: monstrous monitors

Not every ultrawide is also suited for home use



The big question is whether or not you should put a 40-inch monitor on your desk, and we honestly think you should not. The added value of ultra hd also comes into its own at 32 inches and although the 81 cm diagonal is not small, it is a lot more manageable than the desk space that these models cover. A 32-inch panel is about 40 cm high, a 43-inch one comes out at 53.5 cm. In other words, the area of a 32-inch 16:9 monitor is 0.28 m², with a 43-inch monitor that is 0.49 m² or almost half a square meter. It is simply too big to work on comfortably if you are sitting close to it.

Having said that, if your desk is deep enough and you are using applications that require a lot of overview, and you still find the pixels too small at a 1:1 scale at 32-inch, then you can certainly consider these bigger monitors. Although there are not a lot of suppliers, there is plenty to choose from, both in terms of execution (type of base) and in terms of performance. However, there is one clear winner based  on our test: the Acer ET430K offers excellent performance across the board and also has a good prize. We can forgive it for not looking like a monitor, especially since the design is otherwise very clean. You miss out on a usb hub and a usb type-c input, but we see neither as essential. An Excellent Choice award is therefore well deserved.

If you really do not want to spend a cent too much, then you can consider an Iiyama X4071UHSU at less than 718 dollars. It excels in terms of contrast and saturated colours, but it does not offer a lot in terms of colour fidelity. It receives a Great Value award.

Acer ET430K

Iiyama ProLite X4071UHS-B1

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