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You can consider yourself very lucky if you bought an SSD last year. Since September 2016 we have been warning you about a possible price increase and nowadays the price of SSDs is at least a quarter more than we were used to. Which SSD should you purchase and what can you save on, especially now? You can read this in our test of no less than 69 sata SSDs. 

Why did the price of the 500GB-SSD, which only cost 154 dollars last year, suddenly rise to about 202 dollars? This has everything to do with the switch to 3D NAND by multiple manufacturers. Two dimensional flash memory, or rather the production of it, has pretty much reached its limit, considering the reliability of it rapidly worsens when the production procedure becomes smaller. 3D NAND could potentially even be a lot cheaper than 2D NAND. Unfortunately the total production capacity has gone down because factories are being readied for the production of 3D NAND. All of this is happening while demand for flash memory significantly increases, in part due to the rising storage capacity in smartphones. 

While you might want to hold off with changing all of your hard disks in your PC with SSDs considering the developments, we would wholeheartedly encourage everyone to install your operating system and programs on an SSD. There is a lot to choose from - web shops often offer hundreds of different drives. This is why we created this Buyers Guide: to help you choose.


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