Thrustmaster TS-PC review: For the racer that wants to go the extra mile

High-end steering wheel for enthusiast racers



The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer is clearly one of the best steering wheels we have ever tested, although we need to mention that we usually test wheels that are (significantly) cheaper than this one. Manufacturers like Fanatec produce models that are even more expensive and possibly also out-perform the TS-PC.

Having said that, the TS-PC definitely shows its added value over Thrustmaster’s own T300 and Logitech’s G920 / G29. And rightfully so, seeing the $500 price point without any pedals, the TS-PC is meant for enthusiast looking to spend more on their steering wheel. If you do spend that money, you get a good wheel which can generate a lot of force, is quick and does an amazing job in transferring effects to the wheel to boot. The included metal steering wheel with alcantara grips feels solid and comfortable. More than enough reason to send the TS-PC Racer home with our Ultimate Product award.

Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

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Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

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