Thrustmaster TS-PC review: For the racer that wants to go the extra mile

High-end steering wheel for enthusiast racers


Where does the TS-PC fit in

Thrustmaster has an expansive collection of steering wheels in its catalogue, varying from the Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition up to their T700 RS GT. In the mid and high-end segments they offer mostly exchangeable wheels and offers sets including a base, steering wheel and pedals, as well as separate components. Some bases, the component that houses the Force Feedback motor, are available in separate PC/XBOX and PC/PS4 versions. All these options make Thrustmaster’s offerings a bit convoluted.

The cheaper wheels are fairly simple to tell apart. From lowest to highest price (and matching quality), you can break it down as follows:

In the mid-range, where it’s possible to put different steering wheels on the base, Thrustmaster offers a wide range of steering wheels that use pretty much the same technical base:

Situated above the TX / T300 series, we find the T500, a wheel that is a bit older, but more powerful than the T300 and includes the better T3PA Pro pedals.

Since a few months, Thrustmaster added the TS-PC Racer, TS-XW Racer and the T700 RS GT EU to their high-end segment. The TS-PC is tailored to PC, while the technical identical TS-XW can also be used on the XBOX One. The latter costs more, which is due to the inclusion of a pedal set and a (replica) Sparco wheel. The T700 RS GT is the latest wheel from Thrustmaster and can be used on PC and PS4. This one also comes with a pedal set included and also has an additional “rumble” motor in the base. This base uses the same tech as the TS-PC Racer, but is a bit more expensive.

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