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There are a lot of manufacturers and sellers of products with flash memory, such as usb-sticks, SSDs and sd-cards. We are all familiar with the big names like Samsung, Kingston and Sandisk, but recently we received a product from Goodram for the first time. This brand is working steadily in mainly the European market which makes us curious about what the Iridium Pro 960GB SSD has to offer.  

Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB

Goodram is a brand of the Polish company Wilk Elektronik SA and among other things they have been manufacturing memory modules, flash drives and SSDs since 2003. They do not have their own flashmemory factories, but they do have facilities that allow them to, for example, assemble memory modules using third party chips. This is quite special, because as far as we know they are the only remaining European factory that actually assembles memory products. 

The Iridium Pro is the most high-end Goodram SSD and it combines a Phison PS3110-controller with asynchronous 19nm flash memory manufactured by Toshiba. This traditionally is unstacked flash memory, but thanks to the managing as MLC with two bits per cell the SSD is supposed to be very durable despite that. Depending on the capacity there is 256 MB up to 1 GB DDR3 chache memory present in order to speed up read- and write operations.

Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB

In terms of performance there are barely any differences between the models of 240, 480 and 960 GB. With sequential read- and write speeds of respectively 560 and 530 MB/s the 960GB-version that we tested should be able to nearly use the entire sata600-bus. In terms of 4kB-files the 2.5"-drive should be able to achieve up to 100,000 iops when reading and 90,000 iops when writing.

The SSDs do not offer support for encryption, but do come with a five year warranty. At the time of writing the Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB can be bought from four webshops in our Price Comparison, at an average price of 471 dollars.

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Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB

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