eSports games performance: a look in the world of professional gaming

Benchmarks of Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO



Gaming has not been just a hobby for a long time now. Millions of prize money is on the line in worldwide competitions for games such as CS:Go Overwatch and Dota 2. These so-called eSports games aren't known to be graphical masterpieces, however a very high frame rate is crucial for many pro-gamers. It's high time we take a look at what you need to achieve such frame rates.

For this article we chose a couple of popular eSports games based on their number of players and whether we could reliably benchmark them or not. If you're not into the eSports world, you might not have heard of these games, so we'll shortly describe each of the games.

Dota 2 is the biggest game of the world in terms of prize money. Their main event is the yearly 'International', a tournament organized by valve with a prize pool of about 20 million dollars. The gameplay falls into the MOBA category: multiplayer online battle arena. Two opposing teams have the goal of destroying each others bases, which are located in the corner of the map. In the beginning of a game you choose one of the 113 characters, which each have different abilities. Every 'hero' starts the game at level 1, however as your character level up, you unlock more abilities.

A screenshot of Dota 2.

The second game featured in this article is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, often abbreviated as CS: GO. This first-person shooter is also a game developed by Valve, who have tried to go back to the essence of a shooter with this game. Thanks to its ranking system, where you can get a higher rank by beating other players, the game is very competitive and with a total prize pool of 34 million dollar it is one of the biggest competitive games after Dota 2.

Overwatch is the next game that we tested. Blizzard is the developer of this multiplayer-shooter, which plays out in a fantasy world with 24 different 'heroes' that you can choose from. You play in teams of six and the goal of the game is to control various checkpoints or to transport a payload to the other side of the map. Teamwork is very important in this game.

Another popular shooter under pro-gamers and streamers is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft Montreal released this game in december 2015 with a full focus on the online multiplayer component; the game features no single-player campaign, or any campaign at all for that matter. In the game, your character is part of a counter-terrorist unit and your goal is to prevent the enemy team from achieving their goals. A unique aspect of this game is that there is no respawnining; you'll have to work together well and think of a good tactic to win.

Call of Duty is also played by a lot of professional gamers. The biggest prize pot at the moment belongs to Black Ops III, the shooter with zombies from 2015. Graphically it's one of the most demanding games of this test.


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