26 AMD socket AM4 motherboards review: the best boards for Ryzen

Which manufacturer offers the best base for your Ryzen build?



When AMD introduced their Ryzen processors earlier this year, the various motherboard manufacturers carefully released a couple of models on the market. These days AMD's new CPUs can easily be called a success and the market for socket AM4 motherboards has become large enough to offer buyers plenty of choice. This of course begs the following question: which of the 26 motherboards should you choose for your AMD Ryzen system?

The most obvious option is to combine a socket AM4 motherboard with a Ryzen processor, however this isn't your only option. The recently-introduced Bristol Ridge APUs utilize the same socket. If you were wondering why many X370 and B350 motherboards feature monitor outputs, even though Ryzen does not feature an integrated GPU, this is your answer right here.

Gigabyte A320MA-M.2 MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon

ASUS Prime X370-Pro ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming
The prices of the socket AM4 motherboards in this round-up range from 80 to 350 dollars.

We also know that the next generation of APUs, Raven Ridge, will also work on socket AM4. AMD has promised that this socket will be supported until at least 2020, which is much longer compared to the lifetime of most Intel sockets. This can be both positive and negative: on one hand it's nice that you can upgrade your processor without purchasing a new motherboard in the future, however on the other hand this also means that AMD won't release any revolutionary CPUs until 2020, since they tend to require a new socket.

In any case you'll make a future-proof purchase if you buy a socket AM4 motherboard. This might be a good reason to spend a bit more on a nicer board that will last you a long time, however we've also tested a lot of options in the more affordable segment. On the following pages we'll dive deeper into the Ryzen platform, after which we will discuss the line-ups per brand. After that we'll also take a look at what the individual motherboards have to offer - as always in combination with a plethora of test results.

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