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The first keyboard with analogue optical switches



The Dutch start-up Wooting have received more than 135 thousand euro to develop their Wooting One keyboard. With its analogue input, it may bring about a keyboard revolution. We are one of the first to review this unique mechanical keyboard.

The Flaretech Prism optical switches were introduced to the market by Adomax in 2015. In contrast to regular mechanical switches, such as the Cherry MX and its replicas, the Flaretech does not make any electronic connection to register the key action. Instead, it uses infra-red light to register key strokes. Three Dutch guys saw potential for various feature improvements in this. By measuring how much infra-red light is given it is possible to say how deeply the key is pressed. With this, the idea of an analogue keyboard was born.

Wooting One Premium

You can have a good idea of a product, but that alone does not get the product made. Kickstarter was chosen as means of financing the product. The campaign for Wooting One keyboards finished at more than 100 thousand euro above the requested funds, at 135,786 euro total.

A year and a half ago it became clear that Wooting One would be a reality. Currently, the product is still being delivered to all the Kickstarter backers, but you can pre-order one from the upcoming open production for
159,99 dollars Basic model and 199,99 dollars for Premium. The Basic model is supplied with one set of switches, either the Red Flaretech linear switches or Blue Flaretech switches Non-linear clicky. The Premium is delivered with both sets of switches. The name does not correspond an actual colour, but does separate the tactile feedback you get from the keys. We got the Premium model for this test. 

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