21 GeForce GTX 1050's and GTX 1050 Ti's tested: gaming with little ones

Largest comparison test of smaller cards


Benchmarks: 3DMark Fire Strike / Extreme

3DMark is not a game but does give a solid impression of the overall performance of a graphics card. These tests can also be performed using your own system. Because of this we also include the graphics-score, which is for the most part independent of for example the used processor.

The difference between the slowest 1050 and the fastest 1050 Ti is nearly 1200 points, which is about 17 percent. If we take the fastest 1050 as a baseline, the difference is only 7 percent. The only thing that really stands out about the 3DMark results, is that the low-profile 1050 Ti from KFA2 performs more at the level of a 1050.

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