Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi review: a lot of ITX for your money

Cheaper still and even more refined



With the previous generation Intel-motherboards we were positively surprised by the Gigabyte B150N Phoenix WiFi. We had to wait for a bit, but Gigabyte released a successor with a B250-chipset. Was the original better, or is the B250N Phoenix WiFi a worthy revive of the concept for the new generation?

Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi

The B250N Phoenix WiFi builds on the success of its predecessor. Once again a lot of features, such as USB 3.1, 802.11ac-WiFi and an Intel network controller, combined on a Mini-ITX-motherboard with a friendly price tag. The most noteworthy addition is – what else could it be – rgb-lighting. For this an led strip has been added on the sides, which makes it look as if the lighting comes from under the motherboard.

You cannot only change this lighting via the software on your computer, but also remotely via a smartphone-app. This software has seven different lighting effects as well as an ‘advanced mode’ if you want to go crazy. Furthermore you can also add an extra ledstrip using the well-hidden header.

With an average price of 141 dollars the B250N Phoenix WiFi is barely any more expensive than its predecessor. On the next page we will find the differences in the technical details.

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Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi

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