Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


Corsair: M65 Pro RGB, Sabre RGB, Glaive RGB and Scimitar (Pro)

Corsair sent us no less than five gaming mice. The M65 Pro RGB is targeted towards FPS-gamers, which is directly seen when looking at the mouse: it has a noticeable sniper button near the thumb. With three supplied weights you can change the mouse, but also without those weights the mouse is already on the heavy side. The rgb-lighting that can be synchronized with other Corsair peripherals using the software is a nice added feature. While we measure high maximum speed, we see negative acceleration especially with the hard mouse pad, while the average price of over 82 dollars does indicate good performance. 

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB Black

The Sabre RGB is slightly cheaper with an average price of 70 dollars and is on the light side. According to the manufacturer, this mouse is suited for every type of game. It has a more modest design with five extra buttons, four of which can be controlled using your thumb. The speeds that this mouse registers are very high, but at lower dpi-settings we sometimes see acceleration. 

Corsair Sabre RGB Optical

The most expensive model is the new Glaive RGB. It is a fairly big mouse and fairly heavy at 130 gram. This makes it a great candidate if you have bigger hands. The sensor is praised with the buzzword '16,000 dpi', but it is basically a PMW3367-sensor developed together with Pixart. This guarantees excellent performance - we measure speeds of about 4 meters per second. There is some slight acceleration and the mouse, both because of its weight as well as the rather high lift-off distance, is not extremely suited for low-sense gamers. Worth mentioning are the changeable thumb rests, of which three are supplied for less or more grip. 

Corsair Glaive RGB Aluminum Corsair Glaive RGB Aluminum

We tested two variants of the Scimitar, a mouse specifically designed for MOBA- and MMO-games: the regular one and the Pro. The Pro has a different sensor with a maximum dpi of 16,000, one of the highest in the test. The most remarkable aspect of these mice is undoubtedly the adjustable panel with twelve buttons near your thumb, which allows you to set all the necessary macros for those kinds of games. While they do not reach the speeds of the Sabre, the Scimitars perform well and do not show any acceleration. 

Corsair Scimitar RGB Yellow


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