Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


Roccat: Kone EMP and Kova Pure Performance

For 94 dollars you can call yourself the owner of the Roccat Kone EMP, the successor of the Kone XTD. It uses an 'Owl Eye'-sensor. According to Roccat this is a variant of the PixArt 3361 developed exclusively for Roccat. This is an optical sensor with a maximum of 12,000 dpi. In comparison with most other FPS-mice it is slightly heavy. 

Aside from their 'own' sensor, Roccat offers other extra features, such as the scroll wheel that can be moved in 4 directions and Easy-Shift, a button that allows you to change between two sets of functions for all the buttons on the mouse. Two stripes of rgb-lighting cover the mouse vertically and are configurable using the extensive Swarm-software. This software also allows you to access every other functionality you would want of a gaming mouse. 

Roccat Kone EMP

In terms of performance we are extremely pleased with the Roccat Kone EMP - the achieved speeds are fast on all surfaces and the lift-off distance is not extremely high. The real low-sense gamers might not like this, but these are probably already scared off by the relatively high weight. 

In contrast with the Kone EMP, the Kova Pure Performance is also suited for left handed use. It does have a lot of buttons: aside from the regular buttons and the dpi-button there are three on each side. A remarkable feature of the design is that the scroll wheel is somewhat buried into the mouse, which can result in you touching the dpi-button on accident. 

Roccat Kova Pure Performance Gaming Mouse Black

The sensor in the Kova Pure Performance is a lower positioned PixArt PMW3320 that has an official maximum dpi of 3500. A firmware trick also allows it to operate at 7000 dpi. However, we are not impressed by the performance: the lift-off distance of 3.41 mm disqualifies it for low-sense gaming and we measure positive acceleration on most mouse pads. The highest speeds that we achieved are just above 2 meters per second, which is insufficient for gaming. 


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