Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


Mionix: Castor in black and pink

Mionix is not a very big manufacturer, but they are a specialist when it comes to mice. As per usual, the design of the Castor is not remarkable: the dimensions are average and there are no extra buttons aside from the dpi-switch and the next/previous-buttons. The software is functional, but not the prettiest. There is also a pink model: some gamers might appreciate this and in that case it definitely does stand out. 

Mionix Castor

However, the Swedish company proves that they know how to configure a mouse. The Mionix Castor pushes the PixArt PMW3310-sensor to high speeds, without introducing acceleration. For extremely low-sense gaming the Mionix Castor is not for you because of the lift-off distance of 2.2 mm, but other than that the performance of this mouse is excellent. 

Mionix Castor Frosting
The Castor is also available in pink.


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