ASUS RoG Swift PG258Q review: superlative gaming monitor thanks to 240Hz with G-sync

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We tested the first true 240Hz panel from AU Optronics a while ago in the Benq XL2540. That monitor was the ultimate monitor for diehard FPS gamers at the time, as a missed frame could be a possible lost chance for a headshot. Of course Asus has a certain reputation to keep up in terms of ultimate hardware for gamers and they undoubtedly were already working on making their interpretation of the ultimate 240Hz monitor just a bit more ultimate. The Republic of Gamers Swift PG258Q is the result of that labor. Spoiler alert: the Taiwanese manufacturer can be very proud of what they've achieved.

Asus is the leading the gaming monitor market at the moment, at least according to themselves - and the numbers-. These days the monitor market is packed with competition. For a long time manufacturers could simply put '1ms' on their gaming monitors and proceed to charge exorbitant prices for them, however now pretty much all manufacturers are fighting for the favour of the PC gamer, the hope during dark times of the PC industry. They do this with technological standouts such as high refresh rates, better panel technologies, synchronization with the graphics card and all sorts of other features, in order to make the product as 'handy' as possible.

ASUS RoG Swift PG258Q

It really takes something special to distinguish yourself with a gaming monitor. A native 240Hz panel is a nice start, however Asus is Asus and has therefore also added G-sync and a variant on the special stand found on the superlative PG348Q. Once again we find lighting aimed to the bottom, however now you can customize the logo to your liking. This is useful for LAN parties, as everyone will know which monitor is yours, but of course it's also nice to look at when you're not paying full attention when sniping in Dust2. 

ASUS RoG Swift PG258Q

The attentive reader saw 'G-sync' and might've thought 'oh-oh' and indeed, this monitor is at least 100 dollars more expensive than its Benq counterpart, on average it costs about 720 dollars. This is mostly due to the added cost of the scaler chip and license from Nvidia, but Asus also tends to charge more for the RoG-skin. Luckily the manufacturer has done a lot to justify this hefty price tag. At least, according to our test results and further look at this extraordinary monitor.

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Asus RoG Swift PG258Q

24.5 inch, 1920x1080, 90 ppi, TN, Nvidia G-Sync, 240 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 1 ms, 400 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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