19 24-inch full hd monitors review: affordable view

Even with a limited budget you can purchase an excellent monitor


The cheapest

To be honest: if you are looking for a 24-inch full hd monitor, you might not want to spend too much. Within our test there are, when looking at the lowest (and not the average) prices, nine models that are for sale slightly below 157 dollars according to our Price Comparison.  

The Benq GW2470H is the cheapest model, but is also a solid choice: the colour fidelity is average but really shines in sRGB-mode. Thanks to the amva-panel the contrast is the best out of all the models in the test. Furthermore it has 97.6% coverage of the sRGB colour space and has an excellent colour temperature of 6473 K. The horizontal viewing angles are great as well. Unfortunately the gamma is very high, which results in a loss of detail in darker images. It is not fast enough for games, but it is definitely not the slowest monitor in this test. Additionally, BenQ is the only one to supply a digital video cable with a monitor in this cheapest class.

BenQ GW2470H
The cheapest, remarkably solid and with primarily good test results: the Benq GW2470H is an excellent choice if you are looking for a lot of monitor for little money.

The Samsung S24D330H impresses with the best uniformity and a very low colour deviation (despite the tn-panel!), excellent colour temperature, very solid viewing angles and very low power consumption. Downside is the limited sRGB-coverage which means an under saturated colour quality. Brother S24F350H performs better in terms of coverage and colour deviation, but its uniformity slightly disappoints as well as its viewing angles.

Samsung S24D330H
Samsung S24D330H

We can also add that the Benq BL2405HT is the fastest monitor of the cheapest ones in this test. That said, it does not stand out in a positive way in other regards. The Iiyama G-Master GE2488HS-B2 is nearly as fast and costs practically the same, but offers Freesync, better uniformity, sRGB-coverage and colour quality. We will get back to this on the next page. 

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