19 24-inch full hd monitors review: affordable view

Even with a limited budget you can purchase an excellent monitor


Power consumption

The power consumption of all models is not that far apart from each other. The difference between the most – and least economic model is about 7 watt. On a yearly basis with continuous use we are talking about 15 dollars. 

The same goes for the results at a brightness of 150 cd/m², although the ranking does change. Quite logical, because some monitors can become a lot brighter but will also consume more power doing so. When we level the competition by setting them all to the same brightness, we get a better idea of the models that are truly economic. The Asus BE249QLB remains at the top, although the Samsung C24F390FHU does rise quite a few places. The Iiyama G-Master GE2488HS-B2 and LG 24MP88HM-S also perform really well.

All models meet the European norms for stand-by and off, although it is quite remarkable how many monitors still consume some power when turned ‘off’. 

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